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Thermal Imaging’s Role Heats up in Oil Field Services

Customer Challenge

An Oil Field Services customer develops and tests downhole tools for oil wells.   This testing takes place in high-pressure test stands.   Our customer is developing new pressure test stands at their facility and they want their new test stands to monitor critical temperature remotely.   Their existing test stands don’t have the capability to monitor the temperature as pressure increases.

A-tech Solution

For our Automated Sales Engineer it was simple.  The ThermoView TV40 Thermal Imager was the solution.  The ThermoView TV40 is a high performance industrial infrared camera.  It is designed for the most challenging environmental conditions, with its 320 x 240 resolution, and supported by an intuitive and powerful analysis software -the ThermoView TV43.   Pairing performance and personalization to meet the needs of process monitoring and control. 

The standard ThermoView TV40 thermal imager is offered with an “on-board” lens, which means that there are no external moving parts. This infrared camera is housed in an IP67 enclosure using industrial sealed connectors. The Thermoview TV40 Thermal Imager is IP67 (NEMA 4) rated with rugged housing that allows for installation into harsh environments, with air purge and other accessories available.   The IP67 enclosure, for our customers application, will facilitate remote monitoring and reporting of critical temperatures from the high-pressure test stands.

The ThermoView system, consisting of ThermoView software and a TV40 thermal imager, provides a fully integrated thermal imaging solution for thermal profiling, temperature control, monitoring and archiving capabilities – that ensures process traceability and product quality.

The GigE interface allows for high-speed data transfer at 60 frames per second and Power over Ethernet (PoE) option. The ThermoView TV40 thermal imager is equipped as a standard with both thermal and visible light imaging, providing greater clarity of “areas of interest”.

Included with this thermal imaging camera is the ThermoView software, which interfaces to process control equipment receiving synchronization inputs and provides pass/fail logic outputs, allowing it to perform product inspections, and process temperature monitoring, alarming and archiving.  Several temperature analysis tools are available to provide trending and product troubleshooting, as well as I/O alarming for over and under heating conditions. 

Customer Benefit

Our Oil Field Services customer must build enough pressure, which in turn builds heat, to take the tools they are testing to failure – to fully understand the equipment’s capabilities.  The immense data provided by the ThermoView software will provide them with extremely valuable data about each tool’s performance under the different levels of heat.

The added capability of remotely monitoring critical temperatures in our customers high-pressure test stands and communicating via Ethernet, increases quality analysis and safety.  With 76,800-pixel points per frame and 60 frames per second during the testing process, the massive amount of data generated will provide a more accurate determination of a tool’s downhole performance.

At A-tech we have a high level of technical expertise that sets us apart from our competitors.  We will find the application that is best for our customers automation needs and budget.  Contact A-tech @800.225.6102