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Factory & Process Automation Solutions
Oil & Gas
Food Processing
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Power Generation


Founded in 1975, K-TEK is a leading global manufacturer of state-of-the-art level instrumentation for liquid and bulk solids detection. The company has over 350,000 installations worldwide in such applications as oil and gas production, chemical processing, pulp and paper processing, mining and construction, food and beverage manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, and power generation.


Applied Sensor Technologies, a division of United Electric Controls, is a major manufacturer of thermocouple, RTD, and thermistor and other temperature sensor assemblies.


High-efficiency and high-quality pressure and differential pressure transmitters that function with proven stability for extended periods of time and developed by integrating the latest technologies with our past performance record.


Banner, with 40 plus years of sensor design experience, has the industry's most complete and integrated line of sensors, vision, wireless, machine safety, and lighting and actuator products–a solution for every possible application.


Bindicator is a full service supplier of point level sensors for industrial applications. Bindicator is recognized as a leader in the field of level measurement for dry bulk solids.


Briskheat brings a broad range of experience in solving your applications for viscosity control, condensation prevention, process heat, and freeze protection. This has allowed BriskHeat to become the world-wide leader in flexible surface heat and heat trace applications for piping, vessels, pumps, valves, and other objects.


Cast Aluminum Solutions is a thermal solutions supplier specializing in the design and manufacture of standard and custom aluminum cast heated parts. The company is a recognized leader in generating creative new ideas and evaluating, designing and prototyping to get products to market faster.


Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company is a major supplier of dry-type, industrial control, residential and industrial ignition, motor drive isolation, and CE Marked transformers to customers throughout North America.


Durex Industries has positioned itself as a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality electric heaters. Over the years, Durex has grown to meet each new challenge in the market through innovative product development, continuous process improvements, and a commitment to high quality standards. 

EE Controls

EE Controls is the exclusive North American marketing arm of independent international manufacturers for Industrial Motor Control and Machine Safety products. Each manufacturer has long term successes in quality design and manufacturing.


Elobau is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of non-contact sensor technology. In addition to a broad and continually expanding array of standard products, Elobau offers customized solutions for various applications in industrial and automotive engineering.


Euchner has become a global player with the design and development of switching devices for controlling a wide variety of motions in the field of machine and plant construction. Safety switches to stop machine movements in plants reliably are long time proven and they represent a great part of the product range.


Industry Leading measurement and control of liquids and chemicals


A leader in the custom design of Pressure, Level and Temperature Sensing equipment for the Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Oil & Energy Industry.


Heat & Sensor is an efficient manufacturer of electric heating elements. With more than 20 years experience designing heaters at large corporations the owners decided to use their heater experience and skills to provide Premium Heaters at an affordable price.


IDEC designs and manufactures versatile control automation and electronic products while supporting increasingly intelligent and networked mechanical systems. IDEC has been in business for over half a century. With a strong presence in Asia, North America, Central and South America, Australia and Europe, IDEC products can be found all over the world.


NEMA rated Polycarbonate Enclosures


IRCON offers more than 40 years of experience in solving the toughest temperature measurement problems encountered by industry. IRCON product offering includes industrial noncontact temperature measurement systems including infrared thermometers, temperature scanners and thermal imaging cameras.


Larco is the premier manufacturer of presence-sensing mats for automatic doors and industrial safety. Larco safety mats offer a durable solution to your machine safety needs, resisting severe environmental conditions with control reliable system performance.


Magnetostrictive, Radar and Ultrasonic Level for general purpose and Hazardous Locations


NOSHOK is committed to product performance and service and has this continued successful policy applied to all products manufactured. The NOSHOK standard of quality and reliability continues to be the industry benchmark for over 30 years now.


N-TRON Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable industrial network products designed to solve the most demanding Industrial Ethernet communications requirements for mission-critical MIS, data acquisition, and control applications.


Paletti's manufacturing strength lies in the development and manufacture of a universal modular-based profile system, made from aluminum. All profiles and components are engineered, designed and manufactured to be quickly assembled and integrated to provide cost effective solutions for modern industrial manufacturing methods.


PATLITE designs and develops visual and audible signaling technology for many industries. PATLITE offers the factory automation industry’s most comprehensive selection of signal towers, rotating warning lights, voice synthesizers and audible alarms used to indicate machine status.

Factory Automation

Pepperl+Fuchs provides high-quality industrial sensors, industrial networking solutions, identification systems, and other automation products. Pepperl+Fuchs pioneered the inductive proximity sensor, and continues today with the world's most comprehensive line of industrial automation products.

Process Automation

Pepperl+Fuchs is the global leader in intrinsic safety interfaces, fieldbus/HART products, level measurement devices, corrosion monitoring and purge/pressurization applications. P+F solutions are used in a wide variety of industries, ranging from chemical, pharmaceutical and refining to wastewater management, automotive production and printing processes.


PULS is known as a technological leader due to its innovative ideas in the field of electronic engineering and development for highly functional unit designs. PULS develops and produces switched mode power supplies that are among the most advanced in the market.


RAYTEK, founded in 1963 designs, manufactures, markets and services a complete line of infrared, noncontact temperature measurement instruments for industrial, process control and maintenance applications.

Red Lion Controls

Red Lion Controls manufactures and distributes a family of quality and value oriented industrial control products providing solutions for all control and monitoring applications.


Releco by Turck focuses on design and production of innovative and high quality products which provides solutions to the industry market, making the company one of the world's leading plug-in industrial relays manufacturer.


Saginaw Control & Engineering specializes in manufacturing both standard stock and custom designed enclosures as well as precision sheet metal fabrications.


Sealcon is the Exclusive Importer of HUMMEL products. Sealcon offers over 6,000 different Types and Sizes of RoHS & Deca BDE Compliant Liquid Tight Strain Relief Fittings, Cord Grips, Cable Glands, Circular Connectors, Conduit System, Industrial Enclosures and Other Related Cable Management Products which are rated the best in the industry.


SICK is a global leader manufacturer of sensors, safety systems and automatic identification products for industrial applications. SICK has been a technology leader for more than 50 years, pioneering a long line of industry firsts – such as the first safety light curtain, the first bar code reader, the first color sensor, and many more.


Slide Products produces the best formulations for mold releases, lubricants, cleaners and more. The extremely effective active ingredients within the variety of choices allow products that satisfy industrial needs for safety, economy, and productivity.


Burger & Brown Engineering is nationally known for its SMARTFLOW® proprietary products for the molding industry. Smartflow products comprises a line of multi-port manifolds for water and non-aggressive liquid applications, flowmeters for monitoring flow, temperature, and pressure, and limit switches for ejector plate, slide retention, and core pull applications.


Tempco is a manufacturer of electric heating elements, temperatures sensors and heating process systems. Tempco manufacturers thermal components for hundreds of applications in thousands of design variations.


TURCK is a leading manufacturer of products designed for factory and process automation industries that uphold uncompromising standards for reliability and functionality. TURCK’s extensive line of products includes advanced sensors, measurement, instrumentation, connectivity, interface and networks that meet application demands.


Through its Automation Products division, Unitronics is engaged in the design, development, and support of its industrial electronic products, mainly state-of-the-art Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Unitronics automation products are designed to make automation simple, efficient, & cost-effective.


Watlow is the leader in design and manufacturing of industrial heaters, sensors, and controls. Watlow provides single source performance accountability by creating all thermal system components.