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Benefits of using a “smart” Power Controller from Watlow

Why choose a “smart” power controller?

Power controllers are available in conventional or smart/advanced variants. Controllers maintain a processed variable (PV) at a set point (SP) or desired value, despite external conditions or disturbances.  Controllers are essential part of the regulation process within a control loop. 

Smart controllers enhance conventional capabilities and designs.  They resolve new challenges that may occur within an advanced control system. These advanced controllers are often distinguished by newer technologies, which include:

  • • A digital system
  • • Diagnostics in loop validation
  • • Modularity, flexibility and scalability

Watlow’s NEW ASPYRE® DT SCR smart power controllers

Watlow’s new ASPYRE DT SCR power controller family is flexible and scalable, and available with a variety of options allowing one platform to be re-used across a wide range of applications, which can help save time and money. ASPYRE DT models available include sizes from 35 to 2100 amps.

This power controller family features multiple advanced microprocessor-based firing and control mode algorithms. Combining multiple communications options with diagnostics – enables equipment and factory automation.

Integrated Functions:

  • • UL® 508 rating results in reduced labor and project costs
  • • Smaller footprint and less weight than legacy power controllers reduces cabinet space and shipping expenses
  • • Integrated design reduces system complexity, inventory and labor to install and wire

Improve Process Control

Smart Power controllers feature microprocessor-based firing and control modes that enable users to control a wide base of heater loads.  An example of microprocessor-based firing is burst firing.  Burst firing is when the smart controller pulses power to the heater to enable better control of the temperature.  This firing type is used when it is desirable for the power to the load to switch on and off frequently but not as frequently as every ac line cycle.  Burst firing minimizes radio frequency emissions by switching only as the line voltage crosses zero.  This rapid pulsing of power on and off is better for the heater, temp controller and results in more precise temperature control.

The list of available firing modes include:

  • • Delayed phase angle
  • • Burst firing
  • • Single-cycle
  • • Zero cross
  • • Delayed triggering

Closed-Loop Control

The ASPYRE power controller measures the voltage and current delivered to the load, and depending on how it is configured, corrects for, among other things, variations in line voltage and load resistance.  Each loop adjusts its output based on its measurement of error, the difference between the set point and the measured and calculated feedback.

ASPYRE power controllers are compatible with several type of loads such as UV lamps, molybdenum disilicide and transformer-coupled loads. Additionally, ASPYRE controllers provide comprehensive protection and extend the life of connected loads.

Flexibility, scalability and modularity

Smart controllers can be easily adapted to the specific needs of users through various applications. Their high level of scalability means that industries may fulfill various applications with the same controller. This helps to reduce cost and time associated with set up within numerous industry functions.

Modular options for the family of ASPYRE power controllers are available. These span semiconductor fusing, number of control legs and the user interface. This means that they can be better tailored to your specific application needs.

ASPYRE power controllers are equipped with diagnostic capabilities and a wide array of communication options that enable factory and equipment automation. These connections may be conveniently established via a vast range of protocols and include: Modbus® RTU, Modbus® TCP, EtherNet/IP™, Wi-Fi, Profibus, Profinet and USB devices.

These integrated power controllers offer an affordable choice, which can reduce the footprint of the total solution while regulating optimal operations.

Smart controllers are revolutionary devices that offer highly intuitive and automatic processes that will optimize your industrial operations. Watlow’s ASPYRE power controller is a specialized component that powers new possibilities for your facility.

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