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Banner Engineering’s Snap Signal is IIoT made easy

Convert your factory data in a snap

Snap Signal helps you build the IIoT ecosystem you have always wanted, enabling process improvements, facilitating condition monitoring, and providing better overall visibility into your Smart Factory. This is done with a series of in-line converters that offer simple, plug-and-play protocol conversion. This seamless conversion unlocks data and bridges dissimilar sensors, devices, and networks. Snap Signal’s S15 and R45 converters represent a breakthrough in simplicity enabling communication between devices that previously did not share the same protocol. Unlocking communication between processes and extending the capabilities of your equipment-legacy or new-makes leveraging your machine level data simple and cost effective.

Snap Signal Product Family


Unlock valuable equipment data from new and existing devices with Banner’s S15C and R45C converters. These converters allow you to connect two previously incompatible device types and seamlessly transmit data across multiple IIoT ecosystems. S15C and R45C Converters take various types of signals including discrete, analog, and others and transform these signals to industrial protocols like IO-Link or Modbus. This makes it easy to incorporate existing legacy sensors into standard protocols to enable process monitoring. 


S15A in-line adapters easily redirect wiring from one pin to another to match specific application requirements. The compact adapters are designed to connect directly to sensors, indicators, or other devices. This allows you to begin operating immediately.


S15F in-line filters are a simple way to solve challenges with electrical noise and transient voltage that affect devices in your system. By installing these filters between your device and controller they improve signal integrity, and reduce troubleshooting time.

Banner’s expanding line of plug-and-play in-line converters, adapters, and filters unlock valuable data and simplify wiring. These devices are designed to connect directly to a sensor or indicator and begin operating immediately, fitting seamlessly into your factory applications. Make IIoT easy with Snap Signal products from Banner Engineering.

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